Hello, my name is Valentino Martins, creator of entrehypersensibles. Hypersensitive since my conception, I suffered from this trait for a long time. I didn't understand it. It regularly made me hyperemotional, which I couldn't manage. I always had the feeling that I didn't belong, that I was far away from other people... So I know how much you can suffer from this on a daily basis.



70 pages in which I explain my journey as a hypersensitive person, and reveal, among other things, the different methods that will enable you to manage your emotions on a daily basis, by outlining their effectiveness. And I assure you, there are some real nuggets in here.


Anxiety attacks, stress, a feeling of helplessness, of dying when a crumb comes into our lives, depressing news... 

But what we need to understand, and even if it's difficult at the time because we can't stand back from it, is that there are solutions to these problems, and that it's perfectly possible to live with hypersensitivity to the full, and turn it into a strength. 

And that's why I've written this concise, to-the-point book, because I know just how urgent you can feel when you suffer from hyperemotivity.

For the price of an artery-clogging fast-food menu, you have the opportunity to change your life profoundly, to free yourself from the hyper-emotionality that's weighing you down. No, you don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Yes, you have the right - and the duty - to be happy, to think of yourself.

I think if I'd had this kind of information at my fingertips, I'd have saved a lot of time... The Internet is a wonderful tool for this. If we want to, we can access knowledge and improve our lives.

I wish you all the best,
Valentino Martins.

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